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Ultra Syrup

Highly concentrated beverage syrup - without sugar, calories and fat


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100% Flavour
0% Sugar & 0% Calories
Perfect for weight loss


  • Lose weight
  • Healthy living
The ultra way to hydrate: Ultra Syrup. With our concentrated drink syrup, you can mix refreshing drinks quickly and easily. Maximum flavour, sugar-free and calorie-free.

  • Highly concentrated drink syrup
  • 0 % sugar & calories
  • One squeeze bottle ≈ approx. 8 litres of ready-to-drink beverage
  • Ideal for diet & conscious nutrition


Glycerine, Water, Acid (Lactic Acid), Flavor,Acidity Regulator (Sodium Gluconate), Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Salt, Coloring Foods (Concentrate of Carrots and Currants), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate).

Ultra Syrup Key Facts

0% calories & sugar

Calorie and sugar-free refreshment

Maximum button

Maximum taste in many varieties


One bottle (65 ml) is enough for about 8 liters of ready-to-drink beverage

Ultra easy

Add a splash of water to taste, stir and enjoy


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Ultra taste

Cool soft drink or pure water? With our Ultra Syrup you don't have to choose, you can have both: the maximum taste of refreshing soft drinks, fruity juices or sparkling spritzers and the benefits of water.
Because we all know the problem with commercially available soft drinks and the like: They are full of sugar and calories, so they are not the optimal choice for our health. In contrast to our sugar and calorie-free Ultra Syrup: You can enjoy refreshing drinks and ensure you are sufficiently hydrated at the same time.


Maximum Effect

Did you know: Water is a component of cells and tissue, is essential for many metabolic processes, serves as a transport and cooling agent and is important for muscles, joints and bones. Drinking enough water every day is therefore crucial for our health and performance. If we don't drink enough, our performance and concentration can suffer. Drinking enough isn't always that easy - and that's where our Ultra Syrup comes in: With maximum taste and no sugar or calories, our syrup makes a quick and easy refreshing drink that makes it easier for us to drink enough. As you can see, maximum effect in a minimal size.

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Our Ultra Syrup is calorie-free.

Depending on the dosage, one bottle of Ultra Syrup is enough for up to 8 liters of ready-to-drink beverage.

No, our Ultra Syrup does not contain any sugar. Instead, we use harmless sweeteners.

Store Ultra Syrup in a cool, dry place.