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Sample Box Flexpresso Protein Coffee, 5 x 30g

Our protein coffee to try: 5 bestselling varieties in 30 g each

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Try our protein coffee: Flexpresso tasting box. Experience creamy, delicious protein coffee in 5 irresistible bestselling varieties full of protein power, creaminess, delicious flavours and, depending on the variety, real coffee - perfect for tasting and to help you build and maintain your muscles.3

Keep in mind: Protein supports you in both building and maintaining muscle, for example during diet phases, and helps you feel full for longer.3 We recommend that you consume 2g of protein per kg of body weight daily.

  • In 5 delicious flavours of 30 g each
  • Up to 22 g protein per serving1
  • Support for muscle building & maintenance3
  • Without added sugar2
  • Special price: save 18 %4
  • Ideal to try & take away

Note: Contents of the tasting box may vary.

Trial Box Flexpresso Key Facts

5 best-selling varieties

Box contains 5 varieties of Flexpresso, each 30 g

Protein meets coffee

Wake-up effect of coffee with valuable whey protein power in one shake

High protein

With up to 22 g protein per serving for ideal muscle support 1,3

For yourself or as a gift

To try different varieties, for on the go or as a gift

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Good morning, now it's coffee or protein shake? Deciding is a thing of the past! We're taking both and presenting our Flexpresso. Here we combine the best of both drinks: the full protein power of a protein shake and the wake-up effect of coffee. The result: an incredibly creamy and delicious protein coffee!

Let's take a closer look: Like a protein shake, our protein coffee also contains a good portion of protein, up to 22 g per serving to be precise!1 Quick reminder: Proteins help your body build and maintain muscle, such as for example when you are on a diet.3 Speaking of diets: Proteins also help you feel fuller for longer!

And coffee? We have optimized our protein coffee with real coffee to get you through the day with full power and motivation. Everyone should be aware of the awakening effect of coffee, and probably also the unwanted Side effects of too high a caffeine dose. But you don't need to worry about that with our Flexpresso, because, depending on the variety, one serving contains 80 mg of caffeine, depending on the variety. 1

Good to know: You can also enjoy our Flexpresso decaf, i.e. without any caffeine. So if you still want a protein powder with coffee flavor our Flexpresso is perfect for you!


Make your own protein coffee? Sure, that's possible too. But finding the ideal products and the perfect ratio can be quite annoying. It's easier with our protein coffee Flexpresso: All you have to do is mix the powder with water or milk and enjoy.

Speaking of enjoyment: For irresistible taste and more variety, we have refined our Flexpresso with different flavors. Look forward to caramel, chocolate and more! And the best thing? You don't have to worry about unnecessary sugar, because in comparison to conventional products, we do not add any sugar to our coffee protein shake. 2

Pro tip: If you fancy a refreshing pick-me-up, try our high-protein coffee with ice cubes or with warm milk.

GERMAN OWN PRODUCTION - Honest quality and trust

We at ESN have been researching, developing and producing on our own since 2005 and stand for the daily controlled quality, purity and safety of our groundbreaking nutritional supplements and functional foods. Our team includes biologists with doctorates, nutritionists and
Nutritional medicine specialists. We are supported externally by experienced food chemists, alternative practitioners, doctors and pharmacists. An internal laboratory and also independent and accredited laboratories control our production batches permanently. This creates trust in safety and purity, this creates quality, made in Germany!

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Our Flexpresso sample box contains 5 of our best-selling varieties, each weighing 30 g. Look forward to creamy protein power, perfectly portioned for a shake. To discover for yourself or to give as a gift. Also ideal for travelling and for a varied protein supply on the go.

A 30 g sample of Flexpresso provides you with up to 22 g of protein. For optimal support, we recommend 2 g of protein per kg of body weight daily.

No, our Flexpresso contains no added sugar2. We use harmless sweeteners to make it sweet.

1 One serving contains 30 g of powder and 250 ml of water.

2 We do not use any added sugar for our Flexpresso, but rely on harmless sweeteners.

3 Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.

4 Compared to purchasing individual samples.