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UC-II Typ 2 Collagen

Joint-Support with Collagen plus Vitamin C – for greater mobility


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Better together: collagen + vitamin C. This unique combination promotes your normal collagen formation and thus supports your normal cartilage function - ideal for your mobility and joint function¹.

  • UC-II Type 2 Collagen + Vitamin C
  • 40 mg UC-II® & 50 mg vitamin C per serving
  • Ideal joint support¹
  • For normal collagen formation & cartilage function¹


Bulking Agent (Microcrystalline Cellulose), Anti- Caking Agent (Dicalcium Phosphate), Vitamin C (L- Ascorbic Acid), Native Collagen Type II (UC-II®).

UC-II® is a Lonza trademark.


UC-II Type 2 Collagen + Vitamin C Key Facts

Superior Combined

UC-II Type 2 Collagen and Vitamin C work together to promote normal collagen formation and cartilage function1

Optimally dosed

40 mg UC-II® and 50 mg vitamin C for maximum support

2 months support

Contains 60 tablets for a long supply

Highest quality standard

Made in Germany – with proven quality

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Better together: Collagen + Vitamin C for your joints

Give your joints a new boost with UC-II Type 2 Collagen with Vitamin C. This unique combination promotes normal collagen formation and thus supports normal cartilage function 1 . This is essential for mobility and joint function. In the optimal dosage (40 mg UC-II® + 50 mg Vitamin C), this power duo is contained in small, easy-to-take tablets that are made in Germany and offer you tested quality.

Attention exercise enthusiasts!

UC-II Type 2 Collagen is designed for anyone who wants to offer their joints the best support. Whether you exercise regularly - and thus subject your joints to increased stress - or are simply active and want to feel agile: this product is the key to supple joints.

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UC-II type 2 collagen, in combination with vitamin C, supports normal collagen formation and cartilage function. 1

Take 1 tablet daily for best results.

The product is made in Germany – tested quality.

Vitamin C promotes normal collagen formation, which is essential for cartilage function. 1

Collagen Type II (UC-II®) comes from chicken and is a trademark of Lonza.

¹ Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for normal cartilage function.