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Designer Maize Pudding

Instant corn powder for quick, tasty pre- and post-workout snacks & snacks in between meals


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Energy source from corn
No added sugar2
Ready in 2 minutes


  • Muscle building
Carb up with maize - with our Designer Maize Pudding. The flavourless instant corn pudding offers you a quick and uncomplicated supply of complex, easily digestible carbohydrates. Ideal for an energy boost before or after training and as a snack between meals.

  • Corn semolina & corn flour
  • Energy source from complex carbohydrates
  • No added sugar¹
  • Ideal pre- & post-workout snack
  • Quick & easy to digest
  • Prepared in 2 minutes


Maize swelling semolina, Maize swelling flour. Origin ingredients: EU/Non-EU.


Maize Pudding Key Facts

Carb Power

Fast and easily digestible carbohydrates

Carb Support

Ideal as a pre- or post-workout or snack in between


Ideal for your own creations and for sweetening yourself, e.g. with Designer Flavor Powderasy preparation

Simply mix with water, let it brew for a short time and enjoy

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ESN Maize Pudding

Low on energy? Not with our Designer Maize Pudding! With this pudding made from corn semolina and corn flour, you are always optimally supplied with high-quality, complex carbohydrates from corn during your training and in your everyday life. Before training, you can ideally recharge your energy with our Designer Maize Pudding without burdening your body with difficult-to-digest food. After training, it offers you a direct and quick energy supply to refuel and refill your glycogen stores. And on top of that: The Maize Pudding has no added sugar 1 and is high in fiber - ideal for your fitness lifestyle.

Let's look at the facts: Our Maize Pudding is a convincing natural energy source with 68 g of high-quality carbohydrates, 10 g of fiber and 367 kcal per 100 g of corn powder. Regardless of whether you use our Maize Pudding as a high-quality carbohydrate source during a diet phase or as additional calorie support during your muscle building phase - our Designer Maize Pudding is the ideal supplement for every phase of your training.


Fast, easy and versatile

No time to cook? No problem! With our Designer Maize Protein you can prepare your ideal, powerful source of energy in no time at all. How? Take the desired amount of Maize Pudding, simply mix it with three times the amount of boiling water and let the mixture swell for 2 minutes - ready! And you have all the flavor options open to you, because the Designer Maize Pudding is tasteless and ready to be pimped up by you. You can ideally combine it with our Designer Whey to add a portion of flavor and protein or refine it with our delicious Designer Flavor Powder. Toppings such as fresh fruit for important nutrients or nut butter for healthy fats also go particularly well - go wild and add variety to your power pudding.

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Maize Pudding is an instant corn powder that you can use to quickly and easily prepare a delicious and valuable pre- or post-workout meal.

Our maize pudding consists of corn semolina and corn flour.

Simply Pour three times the amount of boiling water over one part of the corn pudding, stir and leave to stand for 2 minutes. Add protein powder as needed and stir well. Now it's time for the toppings: anything that tastes good is allowed here!

The Maize Pudding is the ideal source of energy for your training: high-quality, complex carbohydrates from corn that are quick and easy to digest - ideal for replenishing energy before training or replenishing glycogen stores after training.

¹Contains only naturally occurring sugars.