Protein Shakes

Protein power for the win - are you looking for a protein shake that will ideally support you in your fitness goals? Then take a look around and find the perfect protein support for your needs and taste. Whether creamy or clear, with whey, casein or vegan proteins or even in combination with coffee - with us you will find your ideal protein shake for training and everyday life. Ready for next level protein power?

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What are protein shakes?

Protein Shakes are creamy or clear drinks that have been specially developed to provide a high amount of protein. They are an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to optimally support their muscles and meet their protein needs more easily - ideal for athletes.[¹] Why? Because protein shakes provide valuable proteins and taste incredibly good too – at least for us. Proteins ideally support muscle building and maintenance and also ensure longer lasting satiety – perfect for every goal from diet phase to mass phase.[¹] Protein powder can come from various protein sources: Particularly popular areWhey Protein (whey protein), casein protein (milk protein), soy protein and pea protein. Take a look at our large selection of protein shakes and find your favorites.


Key facts – the benefits of protein shakes at a glance

For athletes, protein shakes are real game changers. Why? Let's see.

Muscle power: Protein shakes are the ideal support for your muscles – the valuable proteins help you both build and maintain your muscles, which is especially important during dieting phases.[¹]

Workout Support: After or before intensive training sessions – protein shakes are the ideal support for your muscles during your workout.[¹]

Ideal snack: Protein shakes are ideal as a protein-rich snack between meals and can help satisfy hunger.

As a supplement to your diet: If you find it difficult to cover your daily protein needs through your diet of meat, fish, etc. alone, protein shakes can be your simple support for optimal supply and increase your protein intake.

Simple and delicious: Protein shakes are super easy to prepare and taste really good too - at least with us. No more boring taste - with us you will find clear and creamy protein shakes in incomparably delicious varieties for every taste.

Flexibility: You can enjoy protein shakes at any time and integrate them flexibly into your active fitness lifestyle - as a snack between meals or before, during and after your workout. They fit perfectly into your active daily fitness routine.

Fast recording: Protein shakes are usually quickly digested and absorbed by the body, meaning the amino acids quickly enter the bloodstream and are available to the muscles.


When should you drink protein shakes – before or after training?

When is the best time for my shake – before or after training? Many athletes ask themselves this question. Here are the answers:

Protein shake as a post-workout drink? Immediately after training is an optimal time for your shake if you want to support your muscles after an intensive workout. Why? Your muscles are particularly receptive to nutrients at this moment and a protein shake can help support muscle building.[¹]

Protein shake as a pre-workout drink? Some athletes drink their protein shake before training. This also makes total sense: Protein support before training can help to supply your muscles with the ideal amino acids before they are put under great strain during training - perfect before particularly intensive training sessions.


Proteins for the win – how do our protein drinks support you?

Protein drinks are ideal and an integral part of the diet and everyday life of many athletes. But why is that and how exactly does a protein shake support you in achieving your sporting goals?


Ideal muscle building with protein shakes – ready to gain right?

Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles. When you train, tiny tears appear in the muscle tissue, which repair them and make them stronger. Protein shakes provide the necessary building blocks to support this process. On top of that: protein shakes are ideally absorbed by the body - the perfect amino acid supplier as short-term support to promote muscle building directly after training.[¹] Ready to win right?


Muscle Support – Whey versus Casein


Fast recording: Whey is quickly absorbed by the body and therefore supplies the muscles in a short time - ideal protein support around your training to support your muscles with immediate nutrient supply.[¹]


Slow release: Casein is digested and released more slowly, providing a long-lasting supply of amino acids – ideal as a protein source before bed to support your muscles overnight.[¹]


Lose weight with protein shakes – ready to get in shape?

If you are in a diet phase and want to lose weight, protein shakes can be an ideal support. Of course, they are not the trigger for your weight loss, but they support you by helping you to to stay full longer and lose fat instead of muscle mass. But remember: To lose weight, you have to be in a calorie deficit.


Proteins for longer satiety

Proteins are known to increase the feeling of satiety - ideal for avoiding uncontrollable hunger attacks. Speaking of hunger: protein shakes are also ideal for supporting when you're craving something sweet. From chocolatey-sweet and nutty to refreshingly fruity - our protein drinks have something for every taste.


Proteins for muscle maintenance

Proteins are perfect for maintaining muscle while dieting.[¹] When you lose weight, you want to lose fat, but not your valuable muscle mass. Protein shakes provide the amino acids your muscles need to stay intact. Ready to get in shape?


100% support and taste – our best selection of protein shakes

Creamy shakes, fruity clear drinks or protein power with a coffee kick – we have everything you need to provide optimal protein support for your training – and in the tastiest flavors.


Creamy protein shakes – full-bodied like a milkshake

From our popular Designer Whey and the Whey Isolat up to vegan protein powder - for those who want ideal protein power and love the full taste and consistency of a creamy shake, our creamy protein drinks are the perfect choice. From chocolatey to fruity, but definitely with unparalleled creaminess - try our creamy protein shakes in our best flavors - ideal for snacks or as part of your post-workout routine.


Clear protein drinks – refreshing like a lemonade

Clear Whey and our vegan version Vegan Clear Protein - if you like it light and refreshing, our clear protein drinks in outrageously delicious flavors are the absolute best choice for you. They are as delicious as a lemonade, easy to digest, practical for on the go and provide you with protein without sugar and fat - ideal before, during and after training and especially during diet phases.


Protein coffee – the best of both worlds

Protein meets caffeine – Protein coffee is the ideal mix of protein shake and coffee. You not only get valuable protein, but also an invigorating caffeine kick to boost your energy before training or to start the day. Get our Protein Coffee in delicious varieties – with real coffee and also available as decaf.


Buy high-quality protein shakes – Check

Do you want to buy high-quality protein shakes? Then our selection is ideal for you. From pros for pros - we focus on quality and work in an interdisciplinary manner with top athletes, coaches and experts from the fields of biology, food chemistry, medicine, nutrition and sports science. On top: Our protein shakes contain only the best raw materials and are regularly tested by independent laboratories. Quality? Check! Taste? Also check - because so that you can enjoy 100% taste, we develop our varieties with flavor designers.

So what are you waiting for? Try our best protein shakes and get the ideal support for your training and everyday life.


[¹] Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.